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September 13, 2017
by Pauline Serrano
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How to Get Laid Using Adult Dating Apps on Your Phone

Did you know that nearly the half of young population in their early 20s are getting laid everyday using online dating websites? The increase in technology and smartphone use amongs youngsters have given rise to many adult dating sites that allow people to find real singles from around their area, get hooked and have sex at their pleasure.

The process is very simple, all anyone has to do is find an adult dating website that actually works and sign up on their platform. From there on, you are required to make a profile and start sending out messages to girls or men you think are attractive.  If you are looking for suggestions, this app review website is a solid resource.

Once you send messages to a person, they can either reply you back or add you in their contacts list from there on you two can talk and come to a decision to meet outside. Once you are at this point, you can talk to them about having a no strings attached sex.

Where do Singles Meet?

But dating on the internet requires more than just finding the right dating site. It requires great conversational skills and the ability to make a noteworthy profile. Your profile is the only thing that will get you laid easily if you use online dating sites to get laid.

A good profile has a great pictures of yourself, probably the most sexiest of your photos collected in one place for other member’s viewing pleasures. Your profile should also tell a story about yourself and as well as leave a little for others to figure out on their own. If you can create this suspense through your profile, a lot of girls will message you in hopes of learning more about you.

When a girl messages you on an adult dating website, this is where your social skills come in. You need to learn how to properly flirt on the internet when a girl speaks to you. If you are successful in flirting with a girl who has messaged you, you can exchange your cell phone number with her and take the conversation to the next level by talking over the phone or even going for video chat.

When things get hot, the single will already be in your hands and that’s when you can make your move and decide a place to meet. From there on everything is set for you, just make sure you have a great place to have some fun tonight.

Additional Tips:

Here is a site to AVOID:

January 26, 2016
by Pauline Serrano
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Dating for “Horny People” ? It’s UberHorny! is one of the many adult dating websites available on the internet. With so many similar looking and with all of them having the same purpose essentially, it can be difficult to choose one that is reliable, efficient and discreet. has the advantage over the others due to the following reasons.

What Makes Uber Horny Unique? has a great user base and browsing randomly can be bit of hassle of if you’re looking for a particular type of person. This means that the user base is diverse and there’s bound to be something for everyone on the site. Since it is also guaranteed that they are no company generated accounts or fake profiles, this tells us that has a quite large and extensive database of users that use this particular website to cater to their social needs. also features some extensive galleries that ensure that the end user has an idea of the person’s appearance they are going to start a chat with. While this means that some users might feel it a burden to maintain a profile picture, it ensures that nobody expects more than what the other person actually is.

Since there are a great number of users, it is also quite possible that the particular of the person you’re looking forward to chat and connect with isn’t in front of you immediately. has a solution for this problem as well with their massive search engine. This means no matter what you’re looking for, everything is delivered on site with their extremely handy handy search engine. It also ensures that you do not have to leave the site very often in order to search a particular feature or attribute that you like in a person.

I read a lot about this site by reading this persons take on Uber Horny.  It’s an review done by an actual user.

The search engine on the site has also some of the most advanced search engine features such as searching by particular attributes or locations. This makes it easier for the user to find the exact particular type of the person they looking forward to hook up with. This in return increases the reliability of the site and the more reliable the site is, the more user it will tend to attract. In return for investing upon their core competencies, has ensured that have a competitive advantage over others in the market and are therefore one step closer to being the market leader in the Adult dating market.

April 6, 2015
by Pauline Serrano
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Where I’m Meeting Matches Online

Where have I met people online lately?  There is a site that I joined after a few failed relationships led me to really want to try online dating.  It’s a bit of a reach for me and something that took a lot of courage to join, but I read some reviews online (from both a female and male perspective) and stuff like this cougar review really pushed me to give this a serious shot.

What is Cougar Life?

It’s a place where older (well, there’s not technically an age limit) women have a shot to meet younger men.  This connection is something that isn’t the most socially acceptable thing in the world, but sites like this one connect the two and bridge gaps and in turn give me a vote of confidence that it IS acceptable.  Besides, sugar daddy dating sites exist and there are many older men looking for younger women.  So why can’t the inverse be possible?

I joined up and have had nothing but success. 

I created a nice profile, put up a few recent pics, and started reaching out to people.  This was very bizarre to me and something I wasn’t comfortable with at first, but after I got the hang of it, it really was simple and easy to use.  Meeting people has never been hard for me, but who has time to go out on the town all the time?  Not me, it’s just not in the cards with all of my family obligations coupled with persona quests such as working out, cooking, shopping, and enjoying time reading a good book.

So, how has this newfound success impacted my life?

I’m more active then ever, because truth be told, younger men make me feel younger. I’m doing younger activities, such as biking, running, cross fit even, and more.  I like to try to “keep up” with the younger guys and in turn, it makes me feel much younger.

I’ll be back and report to you all if I “settle down” with someone from that site.

And by the way, that site was founded by a woman!  Click here to read about founder Claudia Opdenkelder.

April 4, 2015
by Pauline Serrano
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5 Ways to Plan Your Perfect Date


Are you planning for a perfect date but don’t know where to start? Then you might need some ways to help you create a good plan for your date. Of course, you would not miss this day and want to make it worth it, so make the most of it by planning it well and choosing the right place for the both of you to enjoy. Here are the 5 ways that will help you plan a creative date and will make your girl love you even more.

Make a research – when it comes to dating, you can always do a research through browsing on the internet. You can find hundreds of dating place you both can enjoy, there are also establishments that will help you set up an event or a certain celebration. It depends on what you are up to. But if you want to put up an unforgettable date. Then, you need to make a lot of research to match it up with your date’s interest. Some establishments offer special event or service that can help you with your perfect date.

Do a list of romantic place to date – you can always search for a place to date where you can take her for a romantic place, see the beauty of nature, take a tour, a picnic or whatever you have in mind. But always remember that girls have different interest and matching it to the place your going to take them, would definitely make her love you. You can also add up her favorite food and beverage.

3d cute lovers sit down and see the sunshine with a heart like sunCreate a list you want to do throughout the evening – it could be the style of music you want to be played, the flowers you want to give, the perfect time you want to talk, the place you want her to take and etc. There are different things you can do to have a creative and unique way of dating. This will help you get her and in no doubt, you will surely call it a night. The most common mistakes of a guy in dating is that, they just take them to dinner and talk about stuff. Don’t let your date gets boring and show your date that you have the guts.

Be creative and unique – make sure that you let the girl feel that this was the best date that she ever had. It may be from the place, the dishes, the music, scenic or romantic place to talk to and etc. The choice is up to you, just make the most of it and don’t let her down because once the girl says that she want to go out for a date with you. Then, it means you got to make it worth it.

Know his or her interest – if you will be able to know his or her interest, then you would probably get her. Always remember that girls love to hang out with a guy who knows what they want and gentle to every way, so if you can do that. Then, there is no doubt that you will get your date a big smile at the end of the night.

Now that you have the idea in how to plan a perfect date for your girl, you can now start making a list of the place you may visit to tour her around or just enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. There is always a place for the both of you to enjoy. Not just that, there are offered services that would definitely make your plans fast and easy.