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Where I’m Meeting Matches Online

Where have I met people online lately?  There is a site that I joined after a few failed relationships led me to really want to try online dating.  It’s a bit of a reach for me and something that took a lot of courage to join, but I read some reviews online (from both a female and male perspective) and stuff like this cougar review really pushed me to give this a serious shot.

What is Cougar Life?

It’s a place where older (well, there’s not technically an age limit) women have a shot to meet younger men.  This connection is something that isn’t the most socially acceptable thing in the world, but sites like this one connect the two and bridge gaps and in turn give me a vote of confidence that it IS acceptable.  Besides, sugar daddy dating sites exist and there are many older men looking for younger women.  So why can’t the inverse be possible?

I joined up and have had nothing but success. 

I created a nice profile, put up a few recent pics, and started reaching out to people.  This was very bizarre to me and something I wasn’t comfortable with at first, but after I got the hang of it, it really was simple and easy to use.  Meeting people has never been hard for me, but who has time to go out on the town all the time?  Not me, it’s just not in the cards with all of my family obligations coupled with persona quests such as working out, cooking, shopping, and enjoying time reading a good book.

So, how has this newfound success impacted my life?

I’m more active then ever, because truth be told, younger men make me feel younger. I’m doing younger activities, such as biking, running, cross fit even, and more.  I like to try to “keep up” with the younger guys and in turn, it makes me feel much younger.

I’ll be back and report to you all if I “settle down” with someone from that site.

And by the way, that site was founded by a woman!  Click here to read about founder Claudia Opdenkelder.

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